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BK-EBDP (also known as Ephylone, βk-EBDP, and N-Ethylpentylone) is a novel stimulant-entactogen substance of the cathinone class. Ephylone is chemically related to pentylone and belongs to a group of compounds known as the substituted cathinones.
BK-EBDP produces a mixture of classic stimulant and entactogenic effects resembling those of MDMA, methylone and cocaine. Typical effects include stimulation, disinhibition, increased libido, compulsive redosing, and euphoria. Unlike similar substances, however, ephylone is reported to be very long lasting when taken in larger doses.
Cas No: 17763-02-9

Formula: C14H19NO3

IUPAC: 1-(2H-1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)-2-(ethylamino)pentan-1-one


Purity: 99.9%


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