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Research Chemical Vendor USA is a research chemical vendor with an extensive selection of materials. We have access to the widest variety of research chemicals, including designer and rare compounds.

We work hard to obtain new items so that we can bring them to our customers quickly in order to create the best community in the business. Our members have special orders available for 24 hours straight!

Co-Founder Jenna Levin started buying research chemicals back when she was just 15 years old. One evening while college students doubted her, she purchased some gray slabs from a rep in Korea and started studying chemistry at Berkeley. She became a successful entrepreneur leaving everything behind as soon as possible when she knew she could make a sustainable business off of it.
Backed by years of experience, Research Chemical USA are here for you if you need help finding your next drug or need help getting one that you’ve always wanted trying something out without spending at all over this.

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